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  • Laconia


    Laconia leads seed rounds in companies revolutionizing legacy industries.

  • Megan Ananian

    Megan Ananian

    GP @ The Helm / investing in seed stage startups

  • Duncan Davidson

    Duncan Davidson

    Managing Partner at Bullpen Capital

  • Venture Cooperative

    Venture Cooperative

    Unlocking the double long-tail of future operators and investors

  • Adam M. Beal

    Adam M. Beal

    Adam M. Beal is CEO of Awayr A.I., a new form of artificial intelligence for user interface design in transportation, space, robotics and unmanned systems.

  • Dan Akivis

    Dan Akivis

    Friction leads to disruption — I’d like to be on the right side. Current VC with Rosecliff Ventures, former LP investor at Single Family Office.

  • Thomas Knoll

    Thomas Knoll

    I get to help people build their ideas and their teams.

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