We were a 100% in-person organization before the pandemic. Off The Record would organize founders meetings that would take place in cramped WeWork boardrooms. We hosted investor dinners in trendy, hole in the wall restaurants. I refused to use Twitter (I still do). The only thing we did online was send out calendar invites, and even that I forgot to do more than I care to admit.

Off The Record is an organization started by venture capital investors to support their founders. The program assigns founders into groups of 10 similar entrepreneurs who meet each month. What goes on during these meetings?

It’s a secret. Kind of…

What’s discussed between the members is kept confidential, but the structure of the meetings is always the same and something we want to share as a best practice.


The most important part of any meeting is making sure it actually happens. …

As hands-on investors, we field dozens of questions from our portfolio founders each week, spanning fundraising, hiring, work/life balance, team dynamics, and more.

“I’m in term sheet discussions with a VC for our Series B round. It’s a brand name firm, but I’m a bit nervous about adding them to my Board. Do you know what it’s like to work with them?”

“My work hours have been really long for months on end, and it’s starting to take a toll on my marriage. How do I fix this without putting the company at risk?”

“Our team has doubled in size…

Off The Record

A private community for venture-backed startup founders

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